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    11th July 2024 13:51:40 PM

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    Direct award of contract for Urgent Cleaning of Contaminated Registers Prior to 2021, a significant water ingress incident caused water damage in the Town Hall building basement which resulted in significant elevation in the humidity in the room. The registers stored there remain damp and mould contaminated. Readings throughout the basement storage has found that the moisture levels of paper and bindings are elevated well above a dry level (9%) with the exception of more modern records. As these registers are public records, we have a statutory legal responsibility for them to be retained in a safe, usable condition. At present their contamination inhibits use and the active mould growth is actively damaging the volumes. Long term growth of fungal colonies on paper, leather and other organic materials will cause a weakening of the strength of the register, discolouration in the pigment in the substrates (leading to irreversible staining) and a general deterioration. Enzymes produced by moulds break down organic matter for nutrients, and fungal excreta can also cause deterioration in the condition of the objects. For the long-term preservation of this collection, it is vital that both the active and inactive colonies are removed from the substrate and that the building issues that gave rise to the growth are addressed otherwise the problem will recur. It is estimated that there are 6,559 volumes in this store of different size and age. There are c. 149 shelves in the store. Mould growth poses a significant health and safety risk, particularly at the point at which collections are moved and spores become airborne. Ingestion of mould spores through acute or chronic exposure can lead to a number of detrimental health effects, as the spores are respiratory sensitisors and can cause allergic reactions, especially for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, those with respiratory conditions, pregnant women and those with suppressed immune systems, as well as exacerbating conditions such as asthma and eczema. Exposure can also trigger detrimental health effects in individuals without pre-existing conditions. Whilst some fungal pathogens are known to be especially toxic, all fungal activity has the capacity to cause negative effects in those exposed to them. Handling of collections should also be conducted with appropriate levels of personal protective equipment to protect workers from fungi and fungal metabolites. To summarise, the extent of the mould growth presents a significant health hazard. They cannot currently be safely handled by members of council staff or members of the public.

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