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    11th July 2024 10:05:51 AM

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    This is a Prior Information Notice (PIN) with the purpose of assisting the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in engaging the market by gathering information or inviting potential bidders to a market engagement event. This PIN has the purpose of a fact-finding exercise and only for these purposes as routes to market are still being considered. There is a strong likelihood that the Open Banking (Data, Digital Payments & Confirmation of Payee Services) Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) will be used, however this is subject to change. More information on the above Framework can be found at the following address: Background The DVLA is an Executive Agency of The Department for Transport (DfT), based in Swansea. The Agency’s primary aims are to facilitate road safety and general law enforcement by maintaining accurate registers of drivers and vehicle keepers and to collect Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). A DD payment option was introduced from 1st October 2014 which enables End Users to currently pay the full annual VED amount in one annual instalment, pay for a 6-month licensing period in one instalment or opt to spread the costs evenly over the term of a 12-month licensing period. All options result in an automatic VED renewal, subject to all business requirements being met, unless the End User opts out of the DD scheme. • Currently, over 1.4 million mandates are created per month, this is split between circa new (40%) and renewed (60%) mandates. • On average, Direct Debit payments total approximately £230m a month. Market Engagement Event DVLA are organising an in-person Supplier Day in Swansea Vale on 17th September 2024, to gather market information for the next Direct Debit Contract. If you would like to register your interest in attending the Supplier Day, could you do so in writing to Vikki John ( by close of play on Wednesday 24th July 2024, including the names and positions of the individuals wishing to attend the event. If you are interested in attending, once responses have been received, further information will be provided and a set of questions to complete prior to the event, along with the appointment for the day.

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